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Chevron and sidewalls conveyor belts

The chevron and sidewalls conveyor belts are generally intended for the high capacity transport of products on short distances.

The support belts, on which the chevron and sidewalls are applied, may be general-purpose or "Cross rigid".

As a rule, the cross chevron and sidewalls are applied on the "Cross rigid" type belts. The “Cross rigid” belts are belts with one or two additional single filament XE type insertions at the inside, as to the base insertion.

These insertions provide longitudinal flexibility and cross rigidity.


  • single surface conveyors,
  • double surface conveyors,
  • multiple surface, high capacity conveyors.

- Available rake height: h = 15 mm, h = 30 mm, h = 55 mm, h = 75 mm,

- The rakes may be laid out in one, two or several rows.

- The sidewall may be:

  • fan type h=40 mm, h=60 mm, h=80 mm;
  • with square section h = maximum 25 mm

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