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Conveyor belts with cast CHEVRON scrapers

These belts are intended for transport of various materials, both in horizontal and especially in inclined plane (20-35°C), the purpose of the rakes is to increase the transport capacity of the belt, uniform distribution of material transported on the belt and ensuring a flow as constant as possible of material transported.

They are in large-scale production by the direct casting method, which provides a range of advantages to these belts:
  • exceptional quality,
  • accessible process,
  • permanent availability on stock.
According to thickness and strength class, we permanently have in stock the following types of belts with Chevron scrapers:
  • EP 400/3: C4+2Y (9 mm thickness x 3 insertions EP125 type)
  • EP 500/4: C5+2Y (11 mm thickness x 4 insertions EP125 type)
Belts with other characteristics are only manufactured on an order basis.

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