Mechanical rubber products
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Founded in 1993, IKOSAR S.R.L. Company operated in the first 2 years with an average number of 4 employees who worked in a production area of approximately 200 m2.

Following a natural development process, the Company came to have 17 employees and 700 m2 of production and storage space.

The year 2004 represented a turning point in the development of the Company.

Anticipating a favourable trend in this field, the decision was taken to make an investment plan, to diversify production, to train the staff, with the purpose of reaching and maintaining a high product quality level.

A new production facility was opened, located in Targu Neamt.

An integrated activity takes place in the new facility, from production of raw materials to trading of finished product.

The new facility was fitted with new, high capacity equipment (mixer, drums, calenders, presses for vulcanization of conveyor belts, cutting and extrusion machines, auxiliary equipment).

The Timisesti facility becomes a secondary work point, an annex of the Targu Neamt factory, with a complementary activity.

IKOSAR SRL Company in numbers:

  • Number of employees: 78;
  • Production areas: 6900 m2;
  • Storage areas: 2800 m2.

Over 40% of production is exported.