Mechanical rubber products
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Rubber gaskets

Our company produces a wide range of gaskets, with various applications, out of various rubber compounds (NR, SBR, EPDM, MBR, silicone rubber).

They classify as follows:
  • According to shape:
    • flat gaskets,
    • three-dimensional gaskets.
  • According to the environment in which they are used:
    • general-purpose type,
    • resistant to high temperatures (max. 250°C),
    • resistant to aggressive agents (oil by-products, greases, acids).
  • According to destination:
    • for high dynamic loadings (plucking fingers, vibrating buffers, elastic elements for couplings),
    • for sealing (seals, rectangular, round, U-profiles, cylinder-piston gaskets, bushings, gaskets for plate heat exchangers)

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