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General purpose textile insert conveyor belts

Dimensions manufactured at IKOSAR SRL Company:
  • Maximum width: 1600 mm;
  • Maximum thickness: 25 mm;
  • Length: according to order (max. 4500 kg/roll);
  • Number of insertions: max. 6 insertions (or according to order);
  • Type of insertions: Ep 100, Ep 125, Ep 160, Ep 200, Ep 250, Ep 315.
The lifetime of a belt mostly depends on choosing the right type of belt for the respective application, especially in point of:
  • belt class of strength,
  • type of rubber coating suitable for the application.
The number of insertions, type of insertion, belt thickness and type of rubber coating are established according to the length of section, type and quantity of material transported.

Considering these elements, suitable strength classification is done.

The reference load (own weight + average weight of material transported on the section) must be maximum 10% of the tensile strength for the entire width of the belt, longitudinally.

The values of tensile strength, for the entire width of the belt, longitudinally, are determined as follows:

type of insertion x number of insertions x belt width (cm) = total tensile strength

The type of rubber coating, according to DIN 22102/1-1991, is selected according to the type of transported material, working mode and environment.

The reference values for each type of coating may be found in the table below:

No. Type of coating Abrasion resistance (mm3) max. Applications
1 W 90 Meets the best characteristics required for a belt.
High abrasion resistance, long lifetime.
Suitable for most general-purpose applications.
For transport of heavy crushed rock and other highly abrasive materials.
Significantly higher price.
Only manufactured on an order basis.
2 X 120 Very good characteristics. Suitable for various applications.
Accessible price.
Only manufactured on an order basis.
3 Y 140 Most common.
Best quality-to-price ratio.
Various applications.
Permanently on stock.
4 Z 250 Various light applications.
For transport of: light mineral aggregates, cereals, saw dust, chemical products, etc.

Belt marking is done indicating, in order: resistance class, number of insertions and their nature, width in millimetres, thickness of rubber coating (carrying side and rolling side) in millimetres, length in meters, and type of rubber coating.

Example of marking or a belt with strength class 500, two insertions, EP (polyester thread in warp and polyamide threads in weft), width 650 mm, thickness of rubber coatings (3+2) mm, length 100 m and type of rubber coating Y: EP 500/2 - 650(3+2)100Y.

  • Working temperature for the general-purpose belts: -30°C / + 80°C.
  • The general-purpose conveyor belts are manufactured with coated edges (side cord) or with slit edges.
  • The conveyor belts may be delivered open or already connected out of production (endless).
By means of a unique connection system, developed by the company, connected conveyor belts, are manufactured, monolith type (made of one piece only). This type of connection guarantees a lifetime of the connection equal to the lifetime of the belt.

Upon request, mounting and connection by vulcanizing of the belts may be provided, at beneficiary’s facilities.
Other types of belts may be produced, on an order basis:
  • Conveyor belts with mixed insertions (textile + metallic cord).
    The metallic cord is placed between the conveying rubber side and the textile insertion, in one or two rows, transversally or radially. This provides an increased tearing strength to the belt.
    Application: transporters working in a heavy operating mode, which transport materials with sharp edges (heavy crushed rock). Only available with a rubber coating W and X.
  • Belts with average resistance to oils (MOR) Used to transport mineral or vegetail oil footprint materials.
  • Temperature resistant belts:
    • T 1 = max 110°C.
    • T 2 = max 130°C.
  • Conveyor belts for foods.
    White or grey colour, for transport of food products.

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