Out of the desire to offer complete services to our clients, SC IKOSAR has formed and currently has 6 mobile teams of vulcanizing technicians that provide the following services at the customers’ work points:

  • Hot and cold joining of conveyor belts produced by Ikosar, as well as by third parties with or without mounting on the conveyor.
  • Rubberized drive drums, rubberized metal tubs.
  • Repair of conveyor belts with vulcanization putties or mechanical stapling systems, repairing.
  • Consulting, adjustments, commissioning.

Ikosar teams are equipped with specific modern and diverse work equipment and can intervene in any situation 24/7.

Available equipment:

  • Modular mobile hydraulic presses for vulcanizing belts including metal blower = 2 pcs width 1600 mm
  • Modular pneumatic and mechanical mobile presses for vulcanizing belts with textile inserts = 8 pcs
  • Mobile belt repair presses = 2 pcs
  • 5 mobile workshop type vans, equipped with specific tools and materials

Usually the works performed at the customer’s premises are done based on an initial appointment.

However, in case of emergencies, malfunctions, the Ikosar company can carry out emergency interventions.