Are manufactured in a wide range (widths, thicknesses, lengths) with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 insertions.

The belts for elevators are made with ends and slit edges, in three versions:

  • type N: with textile surfaces (without rubber coating on the exterior surfaces);
  • type P1: with one textile surface and one rubber surface;
  • type P2: with rubber coating on both sides.

For a correct classification, the length of section, arrangement of cups and quantity of material transported will be considered. Based on calculations, the number of insertions, type of insertion and thickness of belt will be established.

Type of elevator belt Number of insertions Total thickness

of elevator belt
Maximum widths manufactured
Ep 500/3+1/1y 3Ep 160 6 mm 1200 mm
Ep 500/4+1/1y 4Ep 125 7 mm 1200 mm
Ep 630/4+2/2y 4Ep 160 9 mm 1200 mm
Ep 1250/5+2/2y 5Ep 250 11 mm 1200 mm

Elevator belts with other characteristics than those in the table are only manufactured on an order basis.