Simple rubber mats, technical plate

Within the company SC IKOSAR SRL, the following types of rubber mats are manufactured depending on the field of use:

Simple rubber mats

Standard dimensions: 

  • width 1000 mm – 1200 mm
  • thickness 3 mm – 25 mm
  • with smooth or non-slip faces

Delivered in 10 ml rolls or on request. Various applications, both industrial and household, for floors, seals, insulation, damping.

Special rubber mats

  • Temperature resistant – max. 250°C, silicone rubber
  • Fire retardant of neoprene
  • Resistant to petroleum derivatives from NBR
  • UV resistant – made of EPDM

Rubber technical plates

They made of rubber blends with superior physical characteristics. Depending on the application, they are manufactured with resistance to high dynamic stresses, with resistance to impact, tearing, and abrasion.

The applications are generally industrial: for protection and damping against shocks, shocks and vibrations, as well as sealing or insulating metal surfaces exposed to wear.

Made with one or two textile inserts or without insert.

  • Hardness range 45-90 SH, depending on the application
  • Lengths, widths on request
  • Thicknesses 3  – 25 mm, maximum 50 mm  – on request
  • Black, red, green colors or sandwich type
  • On request, they can be cut longitudinally, in different sizes, at different widths